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Ecotech Environmental Services, Inc. (Ecotech) is an environmental consulting company that specializes in the assessment and remediation of petroleum contaminated properties.  Between the Principal Geologist, the Senior Engineer, and the 3 Project Managers, Ecotech’s professional staff has over 80 years of hands-on experience in the geology/engineering/environmental consulting industry. Much of the current workload comes from a billion-dollar-per-year Florida petroleum marketer for whom Ecotech has assisted on over 200 sites for site assessments, site remediation projects, source removals, transactional audits, tank removals and fuel system upgrades.

Ecotech is also currently one of the FDEP’s Agency Term Contractors and has been responsible for assessment/remediation projects on over 110 sites that are fully or partially funded by the State of Florida in the FDEP’s new Petroleum Restoration Program.  This work is conducted throughout the State, so Ecotech has extensive experience working with State and local regulatory agencies across Florida.  Ecotech has also performed a large number of Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) required during property transactions.  These ESAs have been completed for property Buyers, Sellers and financial institutions providing funding for the property transactions.

Ecotech Environmental Services, Inc.

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    List of Services

    • Petroleum-Contaminated Site Assessments
    • Petroleum-Contaminated Site Remediation System Installs
    • Remediation System Operation & Maintenance
    • Source Removals
    • Phase I/II ESA’s for Property Transactions
    • Fuel Storage Tank Removals/Closures/Upgrades
    • Regulatory Negotiations
    • Expert Witness Testimony

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